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Production is still stagnate on the "Shonn in Digital Video" collection.  Video is still actively being shot, the conversion to DVD will resume (hopefully) soon.  According to Shonn's physical therapist, his physical development is now commensurate with his age.  Shonn is still in speech therapy, but is improving all the time.  While this is Shonn's third Christmas, this is the first time he met Santa Clause.  Santa has visited him in the past, but this time Shonn actually met him!  Shonn's first picture with Santa is below.  The picture turned into a surprise family portrait as Shonn was not too keen on being in Santa's lap.  I imagine next year, he will be much more receptive.  Well, until next update! - 11 December 2006

Shonn Trivia:

1 -  All of the pictures from 2004 can be seen by clicking here.

2 - All of the pictures from 2005 can be seen by clicking here.

3 - On 27 September 2005 Shonn had an appointment with Dr Grabert.  A neurologist, concerning him not walking.  he, gave him a clean bill of health!

4  - Shonn's vitals at 18 months of age (November 2005):

                                Weight:  26.51 lbs (50th percentile)

                                Length:  32.68 inches (50th percentile)

                                Head Circumference:  18.90 inches (50th percentile)

5 - On 12 December 2005, Shonn fell and hit his head on the entertainment center (while walking too fast on his knees!)  See pictures DSC01135 to DSC01138.

6 - On 31 January 2006, Shonn walked across the room.  All under his own power and balance!

7 - April 2006, Shonn is very mobile, and very expressive.  He talks with his hands!

8 - Shonn and Mommy had birthdays in May, see below for a couple of photos!  The majority of Shonn's b-day is captured on video.

9 - Shonn's vitals at 24 months of age (May 2006)

                                Weight:  31 lbs (75th percentile)

                                Length:  35 inches (50 -75th percentile)

                                Head Circumference:  19.5 inches (50-75th percentile)

10 - On the 6th of June, Shonn was entered into Early Childhood Connections.  It is a Colorado State run program to provided Children help in preparation for school.  It was recommended that Shonn receive in-home therapy for his motor skills (walking and climbing stairs), and with speech development.  This is the second time Dr. Stanford recommended therapy for Shonn, so we will see how it goes!

11 - Shonn's Growing Vocabulary: kitty, "Yum Yum" (sounds like "mum mum"), munchies, tickle tickle tickle, cheese, comb, "S" (for Shonn), card, cup, car (these three all sound similar), shoes, Elmo, "Da" (theme to Superman)

12 - The therapy has begun!  Shonn meets with his two therapists about every two weeks,  at home.  Katie is Shonn's speech therapist and Cheryl his is Occupational and physical therapist.  I keep telling people that he doesn't need any help getting a job!

13 - Shonn now knows over 40 words or phrases!  In addition to the ones above he knows, "B", "X", done, X-Box (sounds like "B" box), box, up, beep, ball, banana (sounds like 'nanna), "Uh Oh!", "Ahh", "Um", socks, Daddy (sounds like Daee), "Meow Meow", "hoh hoh ho" (Darth Vader breathing), "dip dip", "night night", GEICO (the insurance company from TV), "wash wash", "football", Bad Boys, Pooh, Bubba, "Dell" (from TV), eye, ears, toes, feets (Dad's fault!), and much to Mom's delight he now says "Mama".  Sometimes "Mama" comes out as "Alma" or "Ama".

14 - Shonn's vocabulary is growing!  We have now lost count on the number of distinct words, but some of the current highlights are:  Wii (Nintendo Wii, pronounced "wee"), Katie, Chevy, Ford, Cingular, "elbow", "Na Na" (theme to the Batman sitcom), XBOX 360 (sounds like XBOX E), Thank You, Welcome, Please (sounds like peas), Next, Kohls, "All Gone!", "Where'd he go?", "It's Daddy!", "It's empty!", mouth, "chin", and he can recite 1 - 10 (with help), and imitates the sound of the letters A - Z!  In case you can't tell, Shonn is all about exclamation, he says things with real enthusiasm.


Well? Duh!

"Rubber ducky, you're the one!..."

"...Taking a bath, is so much fun!"


What? I wasn't doing anything.

No really, I'm innocent.

All right, you caught me! I was trying to take Mom's coke!

You have heard of jazzercise? Well, I'm doin Bubba-cise!!

1, 2, 3, stretch!!

Almost, got it!

Capitan Shonn, ready for take off!

All righty then, everyone strap yourselves in.

Shonn's second boo-boo. He hit is head on the entertainment center.

Close-up of Shonn's boo-boo

I don't think it bothers him too much.

"Mum, Mum" Roughly translated, "Yum Yum!"

See, I can stuff my face

Ok, its too exiting at Grandma Selmon's house. How can you possibly expect me to eat?

See, only 19 months old, and already a Cowboy's fan!

Don't take my picture!

All right, snap-away if you must.

Shonn and Sidney. Friends for life!

Actually, Shonn just feeds Sidney.

Oh, I'm so embarassed!

Shonn after eating a piece of Daddy's birthday cake!

Shonn found Mommy's mouse pad!

Shonn is describing what he wants for "Munchies", which is Bableonian for dinner.

Playing Video Games with daddy.

You want me to say what?

Melanie is playing with Shonn's toys! Poor Bubba!

"Waaahhh!" I can't believe I am supposed to share!

"Mom, dad. Umm, look what a bunny rabbit left laying around!"

"Look! Another one....."

".... and another...."

"Are you sure that there is one down here?"

"What's that?"

"Mom! Let me get the eggs!"

"Almost got the last one!"

"Yup, that's it! No more eggs."

"You mean, this giant rabbit comes every year? You're kidding right?"

Smile! I can see you.

Just kicking back here on the sofa. Pay no attention to me.

I didn't do it. Honest!

I'm not doing 'nothing. Really Dad, I'm being good...

Hmmm, this is called peanut, butter?

Now, I'm no Einstein, but I do not taste any butter.

Shonn, really enjoying his first peanut butter and jelly sandwhich. No, he really is enjoying it!

Umm, Dad? Must you hover over me with that camera?

I'm just eating this peanut, butter sandwhich.

Happy Birthday Mommy!!

Oh, now that is goooood!

Shonn, sporting his first burr (buzz) haircut. Just like dad got when he was little!

Such a happy boy!

It's a bird, it's a plane, no..... It's super Bubba! "Da!"

Don't mind me, I'm just gonna go save the day.

Mom, it's time to wake up. But I think I'll just kickback and relax.


Mom doesn't know the point of this picutre. Shonn and Elmo Profile!

Giving Elmo "Loves"

Boy this is comfy! (Shonn in Mom & Dad's bed)

Well, it was like this......

Shonn, enjoying Grandma Selmon's b-day cake. Yum, Yum, Yum!

Did you know Shonn likes Cookie Monster?

I've got cake (dad and mom is great, gives me chocolate cake).


See food? It's cake!

Hmm, which piece should I eat next?

Umm I'm not doing 'nuthin. Dad, put the camera a way!

Shonn is so cool he has to wear shades.....

I'm gonna get you!

Here I come!

Here I come again!

"Da Da" Superman's here!

Here I come Lois, to save the day!

Hey, what's this?

Okay, back to saving the day.

Almost done, saving the day that is.

Superman Loves Puppy Dog!

If I can't see Mom, I can't be in trouble.....

Still don't see her....

Ta Da! Mr. Potato Head Star Wars Collection (not mint in box)

We have, Darth Tater, Spud Trooper, and Artoo Potato.

Apparently, Shonn really likes fettuchini.

See, told you he likes it!

Don't I look comfy??

MMMM! Spaghetti!!!!

Ah ha! Meatballs!

Hi Dad!

"I am your father!!"

"Use the force Shonn", as your helmet is covering your eyes!

Oh wow! Now I can see.

OW! Shonn got another boo-boo.

Same boo-boo, different view.

Boo-boo, doesn't seem to bother him though.

Shonn, all dressed up for Santa Clause.

Such a handsome boy!

Shonn and the suprise family portrait. Plus, Shonn's first picture with Santa!

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