Christmas 2004 In Coeur d'Alene Idaho

In December 2004 Melissa, Shonn and I spent Christmas in Idaho with Melissa's Family.  This was Shonn's first Christmas and a number of photos were taken.  The pictures presented here are re-sized for the web, and if you would like physical prints, ask and we can send you the full size pics. 

5 January 2005


Shonn in his 3 peice suit

Family Portrait (Dad is verrrry tired....)

Family portait 2 (come on Dad, can't you smile?)

All the children (with Melissa)!

Still all the children (and yes, Melissa is there too)

The Couer d'Alene resort sets up thousands of lights each Christmas...

The resort is on the banks of a huge lake (called Couer d'Alene).

Family Portrait 3 (camera on wrong settings).

There were 3 boats on the lake.

The fish weren't biting :(

Another boat.

The nativity in lights...

Shonn is "decorating" his first Christmas cookie...

Shonn, trying to eat his first Chrismas cookie. (It is supposed to be a Snowman).

The snowman is not decorated yet....

Hmmmm, not too sweet, but it's missing something.

Cousin Dillon decorating his cookie.

All the kids decorating cookies, ummm mayba all but one is decorating cookies.

Grrrr! Give me cookie!

Cousin Rose, decorating her cookie.

Cousin Tyler decorating his cookie.

Umm, its still Tyler.

Shonn in front of the Christmas Tree (camera had the wrong settings).

Hunting for a smile...


Smile captured!

All the children in front of the Christmas tree (fixed camera settings).

Yaaay, its time to open presents!

Cousin Tony opening a present.

Shonn opening his very first Christmas present!

Cousin Rose shows off her present!

Cousin Chris being distracted whist opening one of his presents!

Oh Boy, another present!

Grandpa Frank observing Shonn's present opening technique!

Umm, the paper is the best part!

Ohh, different paper!

Shonn's future wardrobe!

See, I told everyone, this is Shonn the Pod Baby. See the glowing eyes?

Still more presents!

Oh boy, a snowsuit! (Umm there isn't any snow in Idaho?)

Cousin Tyler shows off his gift!

Shonn tears into another present with glee!

Shonn is now the most stylish 7-month old around!

Cousin Dillon demonstrates his cool present.

Toys, toys toys!

Box, box box!!

A cool box, what could be in here?

Another toy!

As the eclipse clouds Christmas eve, Shonn finds yet another toy!

But, the paper is cooler...

After the eclipse is over, we can clearly see a baby Elmo was unwrapped!

What could this be?

Last photo, but this present was the ubiquous stackable rings.

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